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About us

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Aesthetics and quality of the wooden Transformation! ..


Product: Special Edition, Wooden Furniture Manufacturing, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets and Decor, Dining Room and Bedroom Equipment and furniture, Fitted Cabinets, Store Decoration Service, TV Unit Models, interior design, project design, implementation, interior design and decoration.


Brand: Ready-specific production of the project, interior decoration applications. Thanks to the infrastructure that can serve the person and the institution has set up a special wooden furniture manufacturing company, as well as all the special projected, store decoration and architectural design services and applications, performs project-based boutique production.



Project is ready for a special production, interior design application. Through an infrastructure that can serve the person and the institution has set up a private company manufacturing wooden furniture, as well as all special projects, shop decoration and architectural design services and applications, performs project-based boutique production.

Personal and company-specific design and architectural projects, interior decoration, furniture coupon has taken pains to create an attractive and modern designs. Placement of furniture and accessories are available throughout the application design is very important.

A modern, minimal style for many different applications, such as serving.


In fact anywhere you see us! ..   



Applications: Furniture, House and villa hardware, kitchen hardware, bathroom cabinet, dining room and bedroom equipment and furniture, dressing cabinet, walk-in closet systems, models, tv unit furniture store and shopping center store design decor decoration design and production models, avm, store decor, store decoration, store design, retail stands, retail shelves, wood furniture making, design of chain stores, business centers, and management layers, administrative offices and home-like furniture and interior doors of individual rooms and office furniture. Performs its own design and manufacture of production from production to assembly.


Specifications may vary according to demand. Custom furniture design and production projects in projecting the size and color of coupons are manufactured with the desired material. Materials used in natural wood veneer, solid wood, veneer types, MDFLAM, suntaları, laminate-covered plywood or MDF lacquered natural finish body, laminate, membrane-covered furniture, metal, plexiglas, fabric, leather, lacquer and cilasında suits are recommended.


Company Product Relationship: Manufacturer


Services: Design, Application, Assembly, Contract 


Our clients are valuable to us. What started as a business relationship with them that friendship is the beginning of our work will last for many years.


Share of modern life with us! ..   



Furniture; the places we live, or try to become hot and provides a colored product.


Wood; by including the quality of products has proven reliability. With modern technology in our manufacturing business takes place. 


Wood timber;  its customers the best quality products and services to provide continuous, reliable and preferred industry among companies in order to meet the standards are realized. 


Ä°smailoglu Quality, call us, come and your place extent, we plan or prepare three-dimensional projects, and you Let us Create alternatives.


22 YEARS you all for your furniture needs.  


Vision and Mission: As in 1989, ERIM TIMBER Şirintepe 4 Beam at which started production in 2000, Mah Industry: Çelikay Cad: No: 1 / B Seyrantepe - 4 Beam "ISMAİLOGLU ERIM term TIMBER FURNITURE & DECORATION INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE" get your name in 700 m ^ 2 has a closed area of modern plant-tech equipment, modern lines and quality systems and manufacturing products that offer our company, brand, quality and investment in machinery and global brands in will take place as soon as possible.









Department Of Interior Decoration Wood Furniture Range including the furniture industry since its inception in 1989, the principles, keeping ahead of ethical values,