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Shipping Conditions

And approved before an order to produce additional records and conditions Please read, read, turn! ...     





 1 - do not take orders by phone or verbally, by fax or e-mail with the paper and the signature of the authorized person in order to measure the product name, quantity, color, and measures are required to report information.

2 - In order that may arise given incomplete information, misunderstanding, etc. Do not forget. Range of property damage that may arise from mistakes İsmailoğlu Wood is not responsible.

3 - Custom Color and Size in order if the information is accurate and complete information is missing, until we begin to orders and production are not clarified.

4 - Once approved by the customer special orders and production will start after receiving payment. Definitely not acceptable return on special order.

5 - Fax or e-mail in the order, the order must include copies of receipts or otherwise, orders are not taken into consideration.





1 - Business Start 50% in cash, 50% advance payment in the form of business delivery.

2 - Prices do not include KDV. 

3- 30-60 day payment received products with bills of goods from the date of payment by check is turned off, and pay bills are not acceptable.

4 - Unrequited be presented on the day the checks are charged with cash or money order.

5 - All new orders will override the previous one.

6 - Wood Range İsmailoğlu prices without notice and reserves the right to change terms of sale.

7 - Orders; on priority order and payment are shipped priority consideration.

8 - Production of defective products must be returned at the latest within three days. Refundable within three days returned products will be taken.





1 - The delivery time starts from the date of the order take effect.

2 - The delivery time for custom orders is not connected to any date will be delivered within 30 business days later.

3 - Place of delivery of goods; Seyrantepe Mah: Çelikay Street: 1 / B 4 Levent / İstanbul. Cargo delivery outside Istanbul, and is done through the barn. Hatch in the delivery of cargo and property damage and loss arising from the company not held responsible. If the customer's written request may be made insurance products. Belongs to the customer freight and warehouse costs.

4 - Product price is not paid according to the terms and KDV's sales are made in case of referral. The goods will be sold back, do not change. 

5 - Good Products Our products are delivered. Manufacture of products are shipped under the responsibility of the customer. About our company or backward discounting is not required. After delivery of the goods and payment changes are made in the form of discounts.



GENERAL CONDITIONS: Ä°SMAÄ°LOGLU Range of timber companies and firms, the person who orders all of the above conditions shall be deemed to have accepted.